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How Guardsquare Handles your App and Personal Data with AppSweep
How Guardsquare Handles your App and Personal Data with AppSweep

A short guide to our privacy and data approach.

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AppSweep allows you to register using your email address or social login credentials (via Google or GitHub).

When you register, you are prompted to upload your app (in the form of an .apk or .ipa for example). The uploaded app is later automatically analyzed (or scanned) by AppSweep for the purpose of identifying security vulnerabilities and displaying recommendations. During the scanning process, AppSweep collects and processes data, some of which might be confidential.

We treat the confidentiality of your data seriously. Here's an overview of how AppSweep processes your data and the measures we have implemented to protect it.

Sharing your AppSweep scan results

The findings that AppSweep produces (the security vulnerabilities discovered in your app) are displayed only to you or the colleagues that are part of your team. You can also obtain a link to your build results by using the sharing icon on the right-hand side of the screen (and highlighted below):

By default, the link you receive only works if you are part of the team.

An additional option is available to share the build results using a public link that is based on a randomly generated UUID, which can be useful to share the results with users who do not have an account with AppSweep.

We've introduced more fine grained controls for deleting your data

You now have the ultimate fine-grained control on your applications and the data associated to your account: you decide if/when to delete a build and its associated results (the issues and the findings) simply by clicking on the "Delete" button in your applications settings.

For example, if you want to delete all the data associated to the applications you uploaded (including the scan results), all you have to do is click on the delete button in your applications settings:

If you are no longer interested in AppSweep, you may also choose to delete your account. If you want to delete your account, you can go to "Account settings" (your account icon on the top, right corner of your screen), under the Account Security tab and there you can click on the "Delete account" button.

Please be aware that there is no turning back from this and you will no longer be able to access AppSweep or your previous scans and you will no longer receive notifications for your past applications.

On our side, once you make use of the delete function, we proceed to erase all sensitive data from our servers as well as backups.

Please keep in mind that the hard deletion process is not instant but will happen gradually once initiated by you, as we want to make sure that your request is completely fulfilled and all your personal information is deleted from our servers.

We synced with third parties to ensure compliance

We make sure that, once you request data deletion as a registered user, that happens also on third-party services that we use as subprocessors as part of AppSweep.

More information available in our Data Processing Agreement

We have a DPA which is available online to reflect the ultimate control users have on their data.

If you still have questions, feel free to ping us in the chat πŸ’¬ and we will clarify any questions you may have. Your privacy matters to us!

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