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Updates to the Navigation in AppSweep
Updates to the Navigation in AppSweep

What has changed in AppSweep UI

Updated over a week ago

We have recently made updates to AppSweep to provide more fine-grained controls and to enhance the UI. πŸŽ‰ Specifically, we have upgraded the navigation structure to organize all of your applications into teams.

The Addition of Teams

You will find a new selector at the top left of the navigation which you can access to select the Team you are part of. If you only had personal projects before (you never invited anyone to your project), you will see only a personal team (with your name) from the Navigation bar.

If you were part of multiple projects in the past, you will now see multiple teams in your team selector. You can also create additional teams at any point by clicking on the "+", this will allow you to organize your applications and share them with different groups of team members.

Projects are now Applications

What we called "projects" have now been renamed to "applications" and they will appear after you select the team. You can create new Applications (formerly known as projects) for your team.

Team settings

Previously you would manage the permissions at the Application (project) level, but to provide more convenience and avoid duplication, we now allow you to define your Team and membership in the Team Settings. This way you setup your team once, then define all applications that Team works on.

The Team Settings allow you to define the name of your team, the team owner, as well as to invite users to participate in your team.

If you have subscribed to AppSweep Enterprise you can configure Single sign-on for added convenience and security.

Enjoy these updates and contact us if you have any questions.

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