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How to invite your teammates to AppSweep
How to invite your teammates to AppSweep

Invite your teammates and manage access to applications with teams

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Once you've made use of AppSweep as an individual user, you may wish to invite teammates to join you, to review findings and take action. This is particularly useful if you've setup your AppSweep scan as part of your CI system.

To get started you first need to establish a Team. Applications belong to Teams and by default, when you are the first user of AppSweep you will have a personal team with only you as the member.

How to invite colleagues to your team (if you are team manager)

If you are the team owner / manager, navigate to the tab "team settings", then select "users" in the left-hand side menu. From here you can click the "Invite user" button to add a user to your team. You will have a choice of permissions. It is not necessary to assign any permissions, by default a user in a team will have the ability to upload an app and view the results of scans of the application. We do offer two more fine-grained permissions for controlling who can "manage automation" (create API keys) and "manage team" which controls who can add, remove users to the team as well as update permissions.

Once you add a user, they will be notified by email and will need to click on the hyperlink they have received. Once they setup their account, they can accept the invite to join your team.

Note: the team settings apply to the team level, so any users you add will have access to all the applications in your team. If you need more control you can always create additional teams.

Team permissions

There are currently only two permissions the team manager can assign to a team member:

  • Manage team (e.g, the possibility to add new team members to the team)

  • Manage automation (e.g, the possibility to set up API keys for automating scans

If you are part of a team (e.g you have been invited) and you have not been assigned the permission to manage the team, then you can view who is part of the team and which role they have been assigned. You cannot however invite new members to the team.

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